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Substrate Builders Program Milestone Update: November 2021

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November 16, 2021 in

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Every month Parity announces the latest updates from teams in the Substrate Builders Program, and November 2021’s milestone announcement introduces three teams that have reached their first milestone and another team reaching their second milestone.

Over 50 Substrate Builders Program participants have been continuously completing milestones with support from Parity Technologies as a part of building out the Substrate ecosystem. The program allows teams building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or ecosystem components to benefit from Parity’s extensive experience and resources, thereby setting themselves up for success.

Projects in the Builders Program are allocated to one of three tracks: the Infrastructure Track, the Chains Track, or the Application Track. Teams accepted into the Substrate Builders Program receive support from Parity on their technical and community roadmaps, outlying major milestones to achieve their goals and launch their project.

Milestone 1

The following teams have completed their first milestone since the previous update we shared. Below we have listed each team’s pre-defined achievements that they have completed.

Chains track

Cardinals Cryptography is the team behind the Aleph Zero technology, a state-of-the-art, privacy-enhancing platform built on their original consensus protocol and Substrate.

  • Finality-Aleph Pallet: Aleph Zero is a proof-of-stake public blockchain that combines an original consensus protocol with a privacy framework based on ZK-SNARKs and sMPC with the Substrate stack. The team completed the finality gadget Substrate pallet as part of their first milestone.
  • Aleph Node and Testnet: The team also completed their implementation of the Aleph Node built on Substrate and a functional, running testnet with 1-second block times.
  • AlephBFT: Completed the first implementation of the Aleph asynchronous Byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus protocol. In this early version of the protocol, the team has created a safe, fast consensus implementation with network optimizations and relatively high security.

Fractal is an open-source zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way ensuring a high-quality version of the free internet

  • Mainnet MVP: A Substrate node implementation of the Fractal Protocol, built to incentivize the growth of a decentralized data pool that attracts data growth and reliability with attribution, access and payment mechanisms for contributors.
  • Fractal Wallet: The Fractal wallet allows you to browse the web while the Fractal ID Wallet is active. Your data is kept private, secure and locally on your device and lives in a browser extension. Users can choose to whom you disclose verified data about yourself, e.g. to initial (decentralized) exchange listing platforms.
  • Minting pallet: This pallet implements the Fractal protocol's minting logic. Users are able to provide data and a signed ID to be eligible for the daily token minting.

Parallel Finance offers margin staking, auction loans, staking derivatives, and an AMM curve that enables significantly higher capital efficiency for DOT and KSM

  • Lending protocol development: Added support for Supplying/borrowing tokens, new curve rate model, floating rates based on the supply and demand of individual assets. Also implemented the liquidation interface including a price oracle powered by Substrate off-chain workers.
  • Governance module development: Support DAO updating money market parameters by using substrate democracy module, as well as DAO managing the reserve pool of lending protocol.
  • Launch Vanilla POC testnet: Testnet faucet development, integration tests, updated the code to production-ready, and deployed the PoC testnet.

Milestone 2

The following team has completed their second milestone since the previous updates we shared. Below we have listed the predefined achievements that have been completed for this milestone.

Chains Track

Manta Network is building an interoperable privacy layer for the Polkadot, Kusama and Substrate ecosystems.

  • Manta Front End: a web app for interacting with Manta Network, Calamari Network, and Dolphin Testnet
  • Manta-Pay Pallet: This is a Substrate pallet that enables MantaPay, a multi-asset, decentralized shielded payment protocol
  • Manta node: A node for Manta network and Calamari Network, privacy preserving DeFi stack on Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate.

Have an idea or project built for or on Substrate? The Substrate Builders program can support your project up to launch and will continue to offer longer-term support depending on the project’s needs. Learn more and apply now.

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