Social recovery on Substrate
April 15, 2020 by Phil Lucsok
Never lose access to your cryptocurrency accounts Why do we need social recovery systems? Only a small group of people have the experience…
Built on Substrate: Centrifuge Chain
April 7, 2020 by Phil Lucsok
Currently, the flow of financial information and money is opaque and disconnected. The data silos and fragmentation that exist today create…
Announcing the initial participants in the Substrate Builders Program
March 5, 2020 by Eric Wang
The Substrate Builders Program has kicked off in full swing with 17 total teams already joining the program. The Builders Program…
Write Wasm smart contracts with ink! 2.0
March 2, 2020 by Robin Freyler
The next chapter of ink! , our Rust -based eDSL for writing Wasm smart contracts, has arrived. ink! was first announced at Sub0 , our…
Built on Substrate: KILT Protocol
February 12, 2020 by Zach Cavanaugh
In recent years, several high-profile data scandals have helped spread awareness of privacy and data rights issues among the general public…
Contributors Join OpenEthereum
February 5, 2020 by Phil Lucsok
Last month we announced that the Parity Ethereum client will be transitioning to an open, collaborative project called OpenEthereum.
An Update on Parity’s Ethereum Foundation Grant Progress
December 19, 2019 by Jutta Steiner
Ever since starting Parity Technologies at the end of 2015, we had discussions with the Ethereum Foundation about supporting our open source…
Transitioning Parity Ethereum to OpenEthereum DAO
December 16, 2019 by Parity Technologies
Introducing the Substrate Builders Program
December 11, 2019 by Parity Technologies
Substrate is the framework for building blockchains. It is extensive, modular, and open source, and allows you to build any blockchain…
Built on Substrate: Polymesh, a specialized security token blockchain
December 4, 2019 by Phil Lucsok
Back in 2017 when Polymath began their mission to build the best in-class security token platform, they were faced with a significant…