Building the Unbuilt

Parity Technologies is a global collective of tech experts who are passionate about creating a world based on truthful — rather than trustful — interactions.

Moving Towards a Better Internet

Imagine a world where you didn’t need to trust online services, but could verify them instead. Where your interactions were no longer routed through a few powerful corporations. And where data breaches were remnants of an old, flawed system.

Our supportive collective can introduce you to the Web3 tech stack, set you up for success, and help with any other inquiries you might have.

Creating the Decentralized Web, Together

Our commitment to pioneering core blockchain technology and pushing boundaries led to the creation of the next-generation blockchain protocol Polkadot and the framework it’s built with, Polkadot SDK. Now, everyone can build using the open-source Web3 tech stack and contribute to the decentralized web.

Global Collective of Blockchain Pioneers

Parity is home to many of the world's best blockchain engineers and progressive minds who want to make the world a fundamentally better place. We started in farmhouses, beach huts, and B&Bs. Now, we’re a remote-first collective with around 200 people across the globe.

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