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July 13, 2021 in

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Sub0 Online, the Substrate Developer Conference, is coming back this Fall. Send in your proposal for a talk or workshop and you could be sharing your experience with thousands in the Substrate community.

Sub0 Online is the place to meet, connect with, and learn from others building with Substrate.

For this year’s edition, we’re opening a Call for proposals (CFP) and inviting you to take the stage and share your knowledge with thousands of attendees. Are you using Substrate to innovate, push boundaries, and advance the Web3 vision? Take this opportunity to showcase your work and inspire others across the community.

Choose a format

Our multi-track program has several formats you can choose from. Take your pick and submit your proposal as a:

Substrate Use Case - 20 min

  • Example of a project built with Substrate. There are a lot of innovative projects in the ecosystem. Present yours and share how Substrate is supporting your efforts. This could be around DApps, bridges, NFTs, identity, oracles, etc. The focus should be on the tech and the problems it solves rather than pitching your company.
  • Knowledge level: general, from beginner to expert.

Substrate Tech Talk - 20 min

  • A deep dive into the Substrate tech used to build your project. This is a chance to present best practices, issues you’ve overcome and case studies that can help other attendees become better Substrate developers.
  • Knowledge level: either beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Substrate Workshop - 45 min or 1 hr 30 min

  • Code! Code! Code! Show lines of code, teach attendees how to work with Substrate or build on your Substrate chain. Proposals in this category should include an outline of what you want your audience to achieve after attending your workshop.
  • Knowledge level: either beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Custom Format - 20 - 45 min

  • Inspired to present your ideas in a format not mentioned above? Let us know what and how you would like to present, including as much detail as possible.
  • Knowledge level: general, or specifically for beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Content for different knowledge levels

The conference will have a wide range of audience members, from those interested in using Substrate to build their own projects, to tech leads, founders, and engineers already established in the Substrate developer community. Therefore, we are seeking proposals to address all levels of knowledge, from Substrate newbies to experts.

In addition to talks aimed at all knowledge levels (required for Use Case and an option for Custom Format), we’ve outlined the following three categories:


Has started with the basics and is now eager to learn more. Remember what it was like when you were starting out? Pitch your presentation to help this audience develop the skills they need to work with Substrate.


Knows the devhub pretty well, is familiar with the whole Substrate scene, and now has an appetite for more. What tips and skills would you have loved to have when you started building your project with Substrate? Share your insights to help them get to the next level.


Eats, breathes, and dreams Substrate. Spends most of their time in the source code of Substrate’s Rust docs and wants to learn how to extend its capabilities. This crowd is looking for a challenge and technical excellence to enhance their experience. Dive deep!

When creating your proposal, please specify the knowledge level you are aiming at and include it in your submission.

Submission criteria

  • All submissions must be made in English, and speakers should be prepared to present in English at the conference
  • Proposals must be submitted no later than August 8th, 2021 at 10pm CEST
  • All submissions must be related to Substrate
  • Projects presented must be in active development or be a live product/service built with Substrate
  • No marketing or sales pitches, please!
  • Be prepared to speak live; if the topic requires it, you are welcome to enrich your presentation/workshop with a pre-recorded demo or a coding walkthrough
  • Projects presented must not be under negative legal, regulatory, and/or community scrutiny
  • More than one proposal is welcome, but please complete a separate form for each

Selection process

After the closing date, all submissions received will be reviewed by the Parity Technologies team and the agenda will be created. Some of the guiding considerations are the relevancy of the topic, benefit to the audience, quality of the content, speaker credentials, and overall fit for the program.

The final agenda will be published by the end of August on the Sub0 website. Due to the large number of submissions expected we will only contact those chosen to present. If your proposal is not listed, it means you were not selected this time, but we look forward to interacting with you at the conference.

Don’t forget the deadline of August 8th at 10pm CEST – submissions received after this date cannot be considered for the final agenda.

Only interested in attending the event? Sub0 comes just once a year so sign up for updates and be among the first to know when the registration goes live.

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