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Afri Schoedon


July7 18, 2018 in

2 min read


Code-named “Ethereum,” the Parity Ethereum client v2.0 release has arrived. This release not only comes with new features, performance optimisations, and general stability improvements but also introduces some changes…

Parity 1.10 "Opportunity" released

March3 22, 2018 in

1 min read

Parity Technologies is continuing its mission to develop trailblazing, next-generation technology for the decentralised web. Today, we announce the first beta release of the Parity Ethereum client version 1.1…

Announcing Parity 1.8

October10 15, 2017 in

2 min read

Winter may be coming but the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Parity Tech is excited to announce the release of the BIGGER and BETTER 1.8.0. This release will see light client improvements: Proof…

Announcing Parity 1.7

July7 28, 2017 in

3 min read

It has been all too long since our last release. Some four months have passed since the 1.6 series and over that time we've seen the rise of ETH and BTC, ICO fever hit the streets of Ethereum and an increased presence of…

Restoring & blank seed phrase

May5 17, 2017 in

2 min read

It has come to our attention that a small minority of users have misunderstood a function within Parity Wallet, and in doing so have created insecure accounts. TL;DR: Don't use the "RECOVERY PHRASE"/"IMPORT WALLET…

Announcing Parity 1.6

March3 13, 2017 in

4 min read

As Spring returns the blood to our blushing chops, I'm happy to come to you with news of our latest release. After a couple of weeks in lovely Castello Tesino on our (apparently) annual winter-sports retreat, Parity 1.…

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