Contributing to Polkadot's Technology

Parity engineers develop much of the open-source tech that drives Polkadot. Scroll down to see which technologies our teams are working on and find useful resources to start building yourself.


The Blockspace Ecosystem for Boundless Innovation

Polkadot enables Web3’s most exciting innovators to get their projects off the ground rapidly, with flexible costs and token options. By making blockchain technology secure, composable, interoperable, efficient, and cost-effective, Polkadot is powering the movement for a better web.


The Blockchain Framework used to Build Polkadot

Polkadot SDK is a flexible, modular, and highly customizable blockchain building kit. It helps developers build blockchains quickly and easily for free and is used by top Web3 projects around the world. Get stuck into the GitHub repo right away - or start with support from the Polkadot Alpha Program to help bring your dreams to reality.

Experienced in Rust?

Parity is actively developing a multitude of impressive projects using Rust, the programming language of choice when it comes to building secure, scalable blockchain projects. Some of these exciting endeavors are listed below.


A lightweight format which allows encoding suitable for resource-constrained execution environments like blockchain runtimes.


A library managed by Parity that allows developers to submit extrinsics to a Substrate node via remote procedure call (RPC).


A project combining Rust and TypeScript designed for gathering and displaying telemetry data collected from nodes.

Proficient in TypeScript?

Parity is also building many impressive projects using TypeScript. Some of these are listed below. Check some of them out below.


A testing framework for Substrate-based chains, to spawn and test ephemeral networks.

Substrate API sidecar

A REST service that makes it easy to interact with blockchain nodes built using FRAME.

Substrate Connect

Run Wasm Light Clients of any Substrate-based chain directly in your browser.

Love for Open Source

Love for Open Source

Parity is a global network of creative, intelligent, and knowledgeable individuals. We contribute to many open-source Web3 projects. See all of our code, technical progress and future roadmap across 500+ GitHub repositories.

Talented, inspiring people who care about making the world a fundamentally better place