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Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet.

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The simplest solution for cold storage

Parity Signer turns your iOS or Android device into a dedicated hardware wallet for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate-based chains. Your private keys are kept secure offline at all times and transactions are signed in an air-gapped way via QR-codes.

Download, go offline, and create your keys

Start by restoring your dedicated iOS or Android device to factory settings, download Signer, then go into airplane mode and always keep the device offline.

  • Generate and store multiple private keys
  • Support for derived accounts enables multiple addresses with a single seed phrase
  • Backup your seed phrase on paper or use Banana Split for maximum security

Create and scan your transaction

Transactions are initiated on a network-connected device with a compatible interface like Polkadot-JS Apps, then scanned with your Signer device.

  • Create a transaction on your network-connected device
  • Scan the QR code generated by your network-connected device with the camera on your Signer device

Verify and broadcast your transaction to the blockchain

Transactions are broadcast to the blockchain while keeping your private keys offline.

  • Verify the transaction details on your Signer device
  • Scan the QR code generated by Parity Signer with the camera on your network-connected device to sign the transaction

Update easily while staying offline

Parity Signer can be easily updated with the latest blockchain metadata while staying offline.

  • Updates are done in an air-gapped way by scanning an animated QR code
  • The latest metadata for Polkadot, Kusama, and Westend can be found here.

Download Parity Signer

Important: Parity Signer is still in beta pending a full audit.
Be sure to backup your private keys; the safety of funds cannot be guaranteed.

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Please read the end user license agreement

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