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Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet.

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The simplest solution for cold storage

With Parity Signer, you keep your private keys secure and sign transactions easily. Turn your old smartphone into a hardware wallet for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate-based chains, as well as Ethereum. All data is transmitted over the air via QR-codes.

Download, go offline, and create your keys

Start by taking your old smartphone, restoring it to factory settings, then turn off all wifi and bluetooth by going into airplane mode once and for all.

  • Generate and store multiple private keys
  • Support for Substrate-based chains—including Polkadot and Kusama—as well as Ethereum.

Scan your transaction, verify and sign

Use your network-connected laptop or tablet to enter the amount and recipient, then verify and sign with Parity Signer.

  • Easily scan the QR Code with Parity Signer
  • Verify and sign the transaction

Broadcast to the blockchain

Scan the QR code provided by Parity Signer to release your transaction to the blockchain and send your funds.

  • Your private keys stay on your offline smartphone
  • Never confuse which network you are using

Offline transaction signing with MyCrypto

Maciej Hirsz from Parity Technologies demos Parity Signer's offline transaction signing capabilities at Web3 UX Unconf in Toronto, Canada.

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Parity Signer Apple iTunesParity Signer Apple iTunes

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