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Blockchains that evolve with your business

Whether you’re an open-source team or a large enterprise, iterate faster with industry-leading expertise.

Custom solutions from Parity Technologies.

Decentralized technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and Parity is leading this wave of innovation.

Founded by Ethereum cofounder Dr. Gavin Wood, Parity has fundamentally shaped the blockchain industry, from building the highly-adopted Parity Ethereum client and implementations of Bitcoin and Zcash, to developing the next generation with Substrate and Polkadot.

Expert solutions architecture, development, & support.

When you build with Parity, you leverage a global team of elite developers, cryptographers, researchers, and solutions architects to ensure you make the right decisions. Our next generation Substrate framework empowers you to deploy your blockchain in a matter of months and optimize it for your custom production needs.

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Dedicated Support

Get production support with the Parity technology stack directly from the team who built it.

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Advisory Services

Gain a distinct advantage by leveraging our extensive expertise with decentralized solutions.

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Solutions Architecture & Development

From design to implementation, we provide custom solutions for projects big and small.

Next generation blockchain technologies.

Parity builds next generation blockchain technologies to power the future of decentralized services.

With cutting-edge solutions for security, scalability, governance, upgradeability, and interoperability, Parity enables your project to grow and adapt with the pace of technology and ever-changing market needs.

We work with open-source teams, NGOs, startups, and enterprises to harness the power of blockchain for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re building an independent consortium blockchain or looking to integrate with Polkadot, our experienced team will deliver the right solutions for you.

Teams building on Parity tech

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