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Parity Signer v3.0 Beta is here!

Parity Signer is a mobile application that turns your old smartphone into a hardware wallet. This app is meant to be used on a dedicated…

Thibaut Sardan
Front-end Developer @ Parity Technologies
October 1, 2019
2 Min Read

Parity Signer is a mobile application that turns your old smartphone into a hardware wallet. This app is meant to be used on a dedicated smartphone that will be kept offline at all times. Parity Signer lets you generate or restore Kusama and Ethereum accounts and safely sign transactions without ever being connected to the internet.

Get it on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

New features!

Kusama CC2 network is now supported. You can use Parity Signer with Polkadot-js apps and Polkadot-js extension. Bond funds to validate or nominate, transfer funds, or vote for governance proposals by signing with your offline device.

- Universal Offline Signatures, the standard created for efficient data transmission through QR codes, is now supported.

- UX improvements including better visualization of addresses on small mobile screens, faster account identicon generation, unified fonts, improved button colors, and many other enhancements.

Read the full release notes on the Parity Signer GitHub repo.

How to install or update Parity Signer securely

To keep your funds safe, the phone containing your accounts should never be connected to the internet or even be connected to a device that is connected to the internet (such as a computer).

Once Parity Signer has been installed, switch on airplane mode and make sure no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any other connectivity is enabled. From that point you can securely create your accounts, offline.

To update Parity Signer, first make sure you have a backup of all your phone's accounts. Next, before you connect your phone to the internet or a computer to install the new version, reset your phone to remove your accounts from the device.

Here's how to locate the backups on Parity Signer:\

  • v2.2 tapping an account > 3 dots menu at the top right > "Backup Recovery Phrase"\
  • v2.0 tapping an account > tap on the account address > "Backup Recovery Phrase"

Read the full update instructions on our wiki.

Use with Polkadot-js apps


Using Parity Signer with Polkadot-js apps is super simple. Head over to our wiki to see a full tutorial.

Use with caution

While we believe Parity Signer's offline design makes it one of the most secure ways to store your Kusama and Ethereum assets, we recommend using Parity Signer with caution: follow the official instructions and only store small amounts on it. The cryptographic library used in Parity Signer was part of the Trail of Bits audit, and we plan to perform an audit of the full application.

Parity Signer is completely open-source. If you're interested in helping us find bugs, check out our Bug Bounty Program.