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About Parity Technologies

We're a core blockchain infrastructure company. We're creating an open source creative commons that will enable people to create better institutions through technology.

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One of the world's most accomplished blockchain companies

Parity Ethereum powers the core of the Ethereum network, handling over $50 billion in assets and underpinning some of the most ambitious projects in the blockchain space.


Building the future of blockchain technology

Our work combines cutting-edge cryptography, cellular system, peer-to-peer technology and decentralised consensus architectures.

“What we're doing at Parity is coming up with a fundamentally new way of building online services, a much more open, peer-to-peer way of interacting with each other where users have more autonomy.”

Jutta Steiner

Founder & CEO — Parity Technologies

The people behind Parity Technologies

Founded by blockchain pioneers, Parity Technologies is now a team of 60+ in nine countries.

C-level team


Dr. Jutta Steiner

Founder & CEO

Awarded Hottest Blockchain Startup Founder by TechCrunch and Top 40 Under 40 by Fortune Ledger, Jutta holds a Ph.D in Mathematics. Jutta began her blockchain career as Ethereum Foundation's original Chief of Security, overseeing security audit and integration prior to the launch of the public blockchain in 2015. At Parity, Jutta works to ensure web 3.0 will be a fair web for all.


Dr. Gavin Wood


Gavin began originating blockchain technology as Co-Founder and CTO of Ethereum. He invented fundamental components of the blockchain industry, including Solidity, Proof-of-Authority consensus, and Whisper. At Parity, Gavin currently leads innovation on Substrate and Polkadot. He coined the term Web 3.0 in 2014 and serves as President of Web3 Foundation.


Fredrik Harrysson


Fredrik has worked in everything from web development to fintech, working in most popular languages from PHP to Haskell. Prior to joining Parity, he was co-founder and CTO of several startups. As CTO, Fredrik oversees the development of Parity's core blockchain infrastructure technology. He has a Masters in Engineering Physics from Lund University, Sweden.


Björn Wagner

Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

As Parity’s CCO, Björn drives the development of commercialisation, partnership, and product. Björn has expertise in industrial automation and digitisation and holds a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from RWTH Aachen University. He has also studied at University of California Santa Barbara and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Robert Habermeier

Co-Founder Polkadot

Robert Habermeier is a Thiel Fellow and co-founder of Polkadot. He has a research and development background in blockchains, distributed systems, and cryptography. A longtime member of the Rust community, he has focused on leveraging the language’s features to build highly parallel and performant solutions.

A team of the world's best blockchain engineers

Our team includes some of the leading p2p networking developers, consensus algorithm inventors, blockchain innovators, and Rust developers.

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Number of Employees


Office Locations

London, UK
Berlin, Germany
Moscow, Russia

More Facts

50+ developers across 9 countries
22% remote workforce
627,317 lines of code

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