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Fast, reliable and modular Bitcoin client designed for mining.

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Built-in stability and speed

Every second is valuable, that’s why we’ve built a Bitcoin client in Rust from the ground up. Parity Bitcoin ensures your node or mining rig stays up and running.

  • Blazing fast transaction processing
  • Minimal memory footprint
  • Interface built for advanced miners
  • Clean, highly modular codebase
  • Advanced CLI client
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Supports major networks

Parity Technologies supports all decentralised innovation and experimentation.

  • Supports BTC and BCH
  • Download only one client for both chains
  • Easily switch between networks
World Food Programme build on Parity Technologie
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Parity Bitcoin now supports Segwit and Bitcoin Cash

The open-source client built entirely in the fast and secure Rust language lets people choose which blockchain they want to connect to.

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Why Parity Bitcoin

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High Performance

Finely tuned & optimised use of the fast Rust language Script interpreter turbocharges execution of contracts.

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Ultra Reliable

Memory and concurrency safety guaranteed by Rust language ensures maximal resilience.

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Tested from Day 1

From memory pool to the network subsystem. We aim for our unit tests to cover 100% of critical logic.

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Beta with Pruning

Help test our pruning beta, which minimises the storage footprint using pruning

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Master is the full-featured, stable version of Parity Bitcoin

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