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Create the perfect custom blockchain for your enterprise

Parity knows blockchains. That’s why we’ve built Substrate, a technology that makes it quick and easy to build the perfect blockchain for your needs.

  • Create a blockchain with the right privacy level for your use case
  • Light- client- first design for mobile applications and IoT
  • Forkless upgrade path to keep networks together

Built on next-generation tech

Substrate builds upon the achievements from the major blockchain protocols, and uses the lessons learned to give developers the latest technology to build flexible blockchains.

  • Architected on industry-standard WebAssembly
  • Highly extensible Libp2p networking
  • Rust-based primary implementation for speed and reliability
  • Javascript secondary implementation for developability
  • Wasm WebAssembly interpreter, written in Rust

Substrate gives you possibilities

Not every blockchain is suitable for every network. With Substrate, you can mix and match features to suit your project's needs.

  • WebAssembly smart contracts
  • Multi-level permissioning
  • Encrypted transactions and state
  • Limiting to asynchronous calls optionality
  • Account-level locking
  • Governance tools and methods such as stakeholder referendums, approval voting, and qualified abstention biasing


Runtime architecture WebAssembly
Implementation language Rust

Component technologies provided with Substrate

Here are some of the technologies bundled with Substrate. You can swap out any of these components for your own alternative.

Networking LibP2P
Consensus algorithm Hybrid PBFT/Aurand
Randomness beacon Collective coin flipping
Authentication algorithm Edwards-Curve Ed25519
Hashing function Blake2b
Address format Versioned Base-58 + Blake2b checksum

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