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Introducing the Substrate Builders Program

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December 11, 2019 in Parity Substrate, Community, Custom Solutions, Rust

Substrate is the framework for building blockchains. It is extensive, modular, and open source, and allows you to build any blockchain, whether independent or connected through the Polkadot network. There are many reasons to choose Substrate as your platform to build a blockchain, and if you have decided on building on Substrate, you may discover that you have unique questions and needs for your project. As the number of teams building with Substrate has grown, we realized that it has become challenging to accommodate everybody’s concerns, understand the builder ecosystem, and adequately support everyone. We began to consider other ways to engage with Substrate development teams.

We believe the Substrate Builder’s Program is a big step towards addressing these concerns, bringing to you Parity’s extensive resources and expertise to take your project to the next level. We aim to identify, support, and mentor substrate-based projects that are building impactful chains, whether you are building a solo chain, parachain, bridged chain or parathread.

What you get for being a part of the Substrate Builders Program

The Substrate Builders Program brings you many value adds. Upon joining the program, you get attention from dedicated program managers to help you in four categories:

  • Technical support
  • Business development support
  • Marketing support
  • Funding support

Your team will directly work with our engineers and technical support team to assist you with your questions. We can make introductions to investors and provide you with media exposure, and connect you with the over 70 projects we are in contact with who are already building on Substrate, among other benefits. This is not to say that our program is end-all; it complements external investors, accelerators and incubators who can bring other resources to your project.

If your project is committed to build with Substrate in any stage of your process, we would love to hear from you - we can support your project towards its mainnet launch and beyond. The program aims to start with a limited set of projects, and will continually accept projects afterwards on a rolling basis. There’s also no downside for you - we do not take equity or charge you in any way.

Let’s build something great together. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.

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