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Parity Signer and MyCrypto: Securely sign transactions offline

Image Phil Lucsok
Product communications manager @ Parity Technologies
April 18, 2018 in Releases, Parity Signer

Parity Signer, available for iOS and Android, is an offline mobile app that securely generates and stores your private keys. Most mobile wallets connect to the internet, but Parity Signer gives you one extra layer of security: it never connects to the internet and can be used air-gapped.

Parity Signer has been the perfect companion with Parity Wallet, allowing users to create “watch-only” accounts on their networked computers while keeping their keys safer in the open-source mobile app.

But now, you can also use MyCrypto Beta to send transactions from your Parity Signer accounts without having to run your own Parity node.

Since we cannot guarantee the safety of your phone, we recommend you follow these guidelines when installing and using Parity Signer:

  • Wipe the phone before installing Parity Signer.
  • Once Parity Signer is installed, always keep the phone completely disconnected from WIFI and cellular network connections.
  • Only charge the phone on a power outlet that is never connected to the internet. Only charge the phone with the manufacturer's charging adapter. Do not charge the phone on public USB chargers.


How to use Parity Signer with MyCrypto Beta:

Start by going to https://beta.mycrypto.com and selecting the Parity Signer access option.

  1. Using the camera on your computer or tablet, scan the QR Code for your account on the Parity Signer app
  2. Enter the amount and address you would like to send and click "Send transaction"
  3. From Parity Signer, tap "Scan Transaction QR" and scan the QR Code presented by MyCrypto
  4. Review the details carefully and enter your PIN to sign the transaction offline
  5. Present your signed transaction QR code to MyCrypto to confirm and send!


Coming soon: an all-new Parity Signer UX

We’ve been hard at work improving Parity Signer’s UI, including providing more clarity when managing accounts on multiple networks (such as Ethereum Mainnet, Ethereum Classic, and testnets). Be sure to follow us on Twitter for further updates, or check out our brand-new Telegram broadcast channel.

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