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Release: Parity Ethereum goes to Istanbul

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November 13, 2019 in Parity Ethereum, Releases

UPDATE (December 5th, 2019): Please download the latest releases, Parity Ethereum v2.5.11-stable and v2.6.6-beta to make sure you're ready for the Istanbul hard fork on December 7th, 2019.

Alternatively, you can just download the updated chainspec and run your client as parity --chain foundation.json

v2.5.10-stable and v.2.6.5-beta released

We are pleased to announce the release of Parity Ethereum v2.5.10-stable and v.2.6.5-beta, which include all Istanbul hard fork EIPs and the block height for enacting the highly anticipated upgrade for all supported networks. All node operators are highly recommended to update their nodes at their earliest convenience.

All the EIPs that have been selected and finalized for Istanbul have been included, along with the mainnet hard fork block height of 9,069,000, which should occur around December 7th, 2019. Istanbul will include upgrades to Ethereum that will allow efficient interoperability between Ethereum and Zcash (EIP-152), improve performance of SNARK and STARK-based layer 2 solutions (EIP-1108), along with several other improvements.

For more detailed information about Istanbul and its EIPs, head over to eth.wiki.

For v2.6.5-beta, this latest update also brings improvements to Parity Ethereum warp sync for more reliable syncing and validation. The way warp sync snapshots are produced, selected and distributed by clients has been overhauled, allowing more abundant snapshots for reliable synchronization.

This release also removes legacy aliases for the mainnet. If you specify --chain homestead, --chain frontier or --chain byzantium, this will need to be changed to one of: --chain eth, --chain ethereum, --chain foundation or --chain mainnet.

Read the entire changelog here.

Download the latest version of Parity Ethereum stable and beta here.

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