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Parity Bitcoin is now supporting SegWit, SegWit2x and Bitcoin Cash

Image Afri Schoedon
Software developer @ Parity Technologies
August 31, 2017 in Releases

The Parity Bitcoin client (pbtc), released in April this year, is a full-node implementation of the Bitcoin protocol written in Rust. Our team is thrilled to announce its recent upgrade that includes support for SegWit (https://segwit.org/), SegWit2x (https://segwit2x.github.io/) and Bitcoin Cash (https://www.bitcoincash.org/).

Parity Bitcoin does not favor any scaling approach or any chain fork rule over another; at the same time, users of Parity Bitcoin can decide which version of Bitcoin they wish to run. However, Parity Bitcoin defaults to the Bitcoin (BTC) chain with the majority of hashrate with SegWit enabled (UASF). Users supporting user activated hard-fork (UAHF) can use the --bitcoin-cash flag to synchronize the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain. In addition, the client allows support for SegWit2x by passing the --segwit2x parameter.

Parity Bitcoin is published under a GPLv3 open-source license which encourages developers to contribute new features to the rustlang-based software stack. The strict copyleft license does not only allow organizations and companies to use and modify the code, but also enforces code changes to be contributed back to the open source community.

Parity Technologies is excited to support the Bitcoin community and utilize Bitcoin in upcoming projects, we will keep you posted on our blog!

Parity Bitcoin can be downloaded on GitHub: https://github.com/paritytech/parity-bitcoin/

If you have any questions or comments, write us: info@parity.io or join our Gitter channel: https://gitter.im/paritytech/parity

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