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New Parity Ethereum update fixes several vulnerabilities

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February 13, 2019 in Parity Ethereum, Releases, Security

Update 15/2/2019: It has come to our attention that the scope of the fixed Parity Ethereum vulnerability is wider than we originally thought, and it could be exploited from a regular node-to-node connection without RPC access. While the previously released 2.2.10-stable and 2.3.3-beta protect against this wider scope, the wider scope means that everyone who runs Parity Ethereum, not just those who serve JSON-RPC publicly, should update as soon as possible. Download the update here.

The 2.2.10-stable and 2.3.3-beta releases protect Parity Ethereum nodes from potentially being able to be crashed by a targeted attack. Thanks everyone for updating and keeping the network protected.

Thanks to the security researchers from SRLabs for their vigilance.

Original post:

Last week we released a Parity Ethereum update that protects nodes from being crashed by a specially-crafted RPC request. Since then we, in collaboration with external researchers, have been carefully exploring any potential for similar issues.

Today we released a new update that is the result of that research, 2.2.10-stable and 2.3.3-beta, which fixes many similar RPC attack vectors. Download the update here.

As with the previous update, only Parity Ethereum nodes that serve JSON-RPC as a public service should be affected. The default setting for Parity Ethereum nodes is to not serve JSON-RPC, but nonetheless we encourage everyone running Parity Ethereum nodes to update.

If you’re a security researcher and want to contribute to the safety and security of the Parity codebase, please see our Bug Bounty program.

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