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Substrate Builders Program Milestone Update: February 2022

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February 09, 2022 in

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The February 2022 edition of the Substrate Builders Program milestone update introduces two teams that have reached their first and second milestones.

The growing Substrate Builders Program now has over 60 participants who have been continuously completing milestones with support from Parity Technologies, whether they are building Substrate chains, applications, or infrastructure. The program allows teams building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or ecosystem components to benefit from Parity’s extensive experience and resources, thereby setting themselves up for success.

This edition of the Substrate Builders program milestone update includes two teams from the infrastructure track.

Milestone 1

The following team has completed their first milestone as part of the Substrate Builders Program and are introduced as part of these milestone updates for the first time here.

Chains Track

TEA stands for “Trusted Execution and Attestation” which is the goal of the Tea Project, to provide a fast decentralized cloud computing platform for Web 3.0.

  • Due to the nature of decentralized cloud computing, different participants with specific roles are required to keep such a system running. As such, a two-token model is required, and as part of the first milestone for TEA Project, they completed their whitepaper, which outlines the tokenomics and functionalities of the TEA and CML tokens.
  • The team has also coded up a lot with regards to the implementation, including a web wallet, marketplace, mining interface, faucet and much more already live at Developers can also access the faucet to begin submitting Dapps (called Tapps here) that utilize the early version of TEA.

Milestone 3

The following team has completed their third milestone since the previous updates we shared.

Infrastructure Track

Subsquid is an open-source framework for building tailored GraphQL APIs for your blockchain state history.

  • Completed the implementation of Hydra, a query node for Substrate-based blockchains. A query node ingests data from a Substrate chain and provides rich, domain-specific, and highly customizable access to the blockchain data, far beyond the scope of direct RPC calls. Define your data model and the Hydra indexer will get it in sync with the chain. On top of that, you get a batteries-included GraphQL server with comprehensive filtering, pagination, and full-text search capabilities.
  • Finished development and release of Openreader, a GraphQL server for Hydra. Given hydra schema and compatible database it serves the "read part" of OpenCRUD spec.

Have an idea or project built for or on Substrate? The Substrate Builders program can support your project up to launch and will continue to offer longer-term support depending on the project’s needs. Learn more and apply now.

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