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SBP Graduates: OnFinality

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July 21, 2021 in

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The Substrate Builders Program is an initiative by Parity to support builders in the Substrate ecosystem. The program allows teams building Substrate-based blockchains, applications, or ecosystem components to benefit from Parity’s extensive experience and resources, thereby setting themselves up for success.

The Substrate Builders Program is structured in three milestones, each lasting three months. Each milestone is reviewed by Parity’s Runtime Engineering team, providing guidance and feedback on the way the team is implementing their solution. After successfully completing all three milestones and/or going live (either solo or by becoming a parachain), the team graduates from the Substrate Builders Program.

Today we are excited to announce a team that has recently successfully completed the Substrate Builders Program: OnFinality. OnFinality’s mission is to support blockchain developers by providing infrastructure services to customers of all shapes and sizes. They currently provide Blockchain API services, dedicated nodes and devops solutions for blockchain teams through their Partner Portal.

“We really enjoyed our time in the Substrate Builders Program. We got valuable access to engineers at Parity and other top teams that allowed us to improve and test our products. The feedback and advice that we received through the program was very helpful, and the program helped us refine our direction.” - Sam Zou, CEO of OnFinality.

The journey through the Substrate Builders Program

OnFinality joined the Substrate Builders Program on November 22nd, 2020, and achieved the following during their Milestones:

Milestone 1 - Setting up API Services

  • Supported: Kusama, Polkadot and Acala
  • Included support for ‘https’ and ‘wss’
  • Allowed free usage of their API (daily cap 500k per day per user)
  • Implemented the first version of Usages Statistics. Statistics provided by network live
  • Polkadot JS support for Kusama, Polkadot

Milestone 2 - Improving service and delivering easy-to-use tools

  • Developed CLI Tooling to bootstrap a network with one command
  • Improved reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Multiple region cluster routing (more work still ongoing)

Milestone 3 - Developing OnFinality’s Partner Portal, including:

  • A new Network Application for Partners. They can submit an application for listing their new network. This application will be reviewed and then added to the Marketplace
  • An image validator tool by partner. This automatically checks if the provided image by the partner is a parachain code, a Substrate-based solo chain or a non-compatible image
  • Full Partner onboarding flow: Dedicated workplace creation for each partner together with a step-by-step guide on how to use the Partner Portal. Use this link to apply to join the Partner Portal
  • A detailed api-service reporting for partner’s managed networks
  • Complete Network Management, including:
    • upgrade latest image version
    • manage recommendations of each node type for storage and cpu/memory specifications
    • a high-level api to manipulate node pool
    • application flow for api service and allowing partner enable/disable api-service for selected clusters

Currently, OnFinality is managing more than 150 million requests a day through their API Service and has already integrated with 15 teams in the ecosystem.

Have an idea or project built for or on Substrate? The Substrate Builders program can support your project up to launch and will continue to offer longer-term support depending on your project’s needs. Learn more and apply now.

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