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Security Alert

July 21, 2017 in Security

Severity: Critical Product affected: Parity Wallet Affected implementations: Parity 1.5 or later Summary: A vulnerability in Parity Wallet's variant of the standard multi-sig contract has been found. Affected users: Any user with

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October 06, 2016 in Community

It's been a hectic few weeks for Ethereum and for Parity’s dev team. Some rather irresponsible individual found a flaw in the Ethereum protocol; notably several of the EVM’s operations were

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Our DAO Response

June 17, 2016 in Community

What can be done? Ideally, the DAO developers will find a way to extract the stolen funds without any protocol alterations (aka "hard fork"). However, such a plan, if feasible, will

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Performance Analysis

February 02, 2016 in Parity Ethereum

So with the latest benchmarks (available to see at parity.io), it's clear Parity has head and shoulders the fastest and lightest Ethereum block processing engine amongst the available clients. But aside from

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